Demi Lovato raped at 15: her heartbreaking confidences on her reconstruction

She came out of the silence. In the documentary Dancing with the devil, Demi Lovato said she was the victim of two sexual assaults. A terrible ordeal for the young woman who, after several very difficult years, is finally ready to rebuild herself. In an interview with People on Tuesday, March 23, she wished to speak in full transparency. “Sometimes people listen to my music from when I was a teenager and they think I was really pissed off. Yes I was and now you understand why,” she says first. For the artist, making these revelations in front of the camera was “liberating. And it really lets that anger that was in me dissolve. I had let go of a lot of the anger before, but that was kind of just the touch. final, like, okay, I can really get over this now, “she says. “Now that I’ve talked about it and know other people might hear my story, I just hope it helps them. Sexual abuse is something people think is taboo and they don’t talk about it. But I want to show that it is possible to talk about it and that it does not matter, “she concludes.

If Demi Lovato wanted to tell her story in this documentary, it is to make people who have gone through the same thing understand that it is “possible to heal. When the time is right and you feel ready, you will be able to. talk and that will allow you to heal “, she said before clarifying:” You will feel so much more autonomous. You will be free from shame “. For the singer, the reconstruction was not always easy: “There are going to be ups and downs but once the person has decided to face this trauma, it is so gratifying”. This sexual assault, Demi Lovato suffered in 2018. “When they found me, I was naked, blue. I was literally left for dead after he took advantage of me. When I woke up at the hospital they asked me if we had had consensual sex. I had a flash where I saw it on me. I said yes. It was only a month after this overdose that I realized, ‘you weren’t in a position to make a conscious decision,’ she revealed. A trauma that she had a hard time forgetting.

Another overwhelming confidence

In this documentary, Demi Lovato wanted to free herself from a weight. While making herself known on the Disney Channel, she said that she “lost my virginity to rape. I was part of that Disney team that publicly declared that she would wait until marriage to lose her virginity. I did not. haven’t had that romantic first time, ”she says. Without revealing the identity of her attacker, she said she was “forced to see him all the time”. An unbearable situation for her who “stopped eating”. As a reminder, she suffered from eating disorders for a long time. After which, the young woman explains having finally decided to speak about what happened to him to adults, specifying, however, that her attacker “never had any trouble for that”.

Demi Lovato © Agency

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