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Delphine Boël: the illegitimate daughter of King Albert II becomes Princess of Belgium

Delphine Boël is now a princess of Belgium. Officially recognized by the Belgian courts as being the daughter of Albert II, the artist has just obtained a new status from the courts. And her new name is none other than Her Royal Highness Delphine of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Princess of Belgium. If this title will not allow her to receive the money of the Belgian taxpayer, it remains symbolic for her, who fought for several years to be recognized by her biological father.

A verdict delivered a little earlier than expected by the Brussels Court of Appeal, which was due to rule on October 29. And to deliver its verdict, justice quite simply relied on the law. In fact, since 2015, a new royal decree has been published with the aim of restricting the attribution of the title of prince and princess of Belgium, and indicates that only “children and grandchildren, from the direct descent of His Majesty the King Albert II bear the title of Prince or Princess of Belgium following their first name “. And there is never any mention of illegitimacy, which allowed Delphine Boël to obtain this title.

#BREAKINGNEWS Delphine Boël today pleaded to become princess of Belgium and bear the name of Saxe-Cobourg “like her brothers and her sister”. pic.twitter.com/tiEWagZ5Gy

– Royal Stories (@ActusRoyales) September 10, 2020

Delphine Boël’s children become prince and princess of Belgium

As the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Delphine Boël, this royal decree also applies to her own children. Mother of two children born from her marriage to Jim O’Hare, they are now Her Royal Highness Joséphine O’Hare, Princess of Belgium and His Royal Highness Oscar O’Hare, Prince of Belgium. A title of prince of Belgium which has been transmitted by the mother since 1991, following the repeal of the Salic law.

But if being recognized as the daughter of Albert II put an end to “a tortured period” for Delphine Boël, she somewhat regrets having “become famous” for being “the dirty laundry of King Albert II”. “My vulnerability has been exposed in the public square for years. This display of my private life could be embarrassing, especially when it was interpreted by those who did not know me”, she explained last August, however refusing to ” to be seen as someone who complains “. “Everyone has challenges in life, it’s your attitude that governs your existence. It’s the only thing you control,” she concluded.

Delphine Boël © Photonews

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