On the evening of Sunday May 8, Yannick Alléno lost his son, Antoine. He was only 24 years old and he was hit by a driver in the middle of Paris. After stealing a vehicle from a luxury restaurant in the capital’s 7th arrondissement, the driver got into the young man’s scooter, stopped at a red light and also hit a taxi. According to Le Figaro, the chief’s son died instantly and his passenger was taken to hospital. The manager, Francky D, is 24 years old and was heard, in the context of his police custody, this Tuesday, May 10, as reported by Le Parisien. According to the media, the driver, who tested positive for the alcohol test but also for narcotics, could not provide details. “He was so drunk that he is unable to remember precisely the conditions under which he caused this tragedy”, can we first read. A shocking revelation for Yannick Alléno and his relatives, who were hoping to get answers.

The arrest of Francky D was made possible thanks to a “commissioner who was there by chance, outside of his service”, explains the Parisian. According to information from the newspaper, this case began with a “fairly rare theft, in front of a Peruvian restaurant, located rue du Bac”. The young man presented himself to the valet working for the establishment and gave him the ticket to recover his car, a black Audi RS6. However, he is not the owner of this one since he is a “30-year-old Monegasque who is still having dinner in the restaurant”, can we read next. Once the keys in hand, he quickly flees and rushes through the streets of Paris until he collides with Antoine Alléno’s scooter and a taxi. Just after this shock, Francky D tries to flee on foot before being caught. Le Parisien explains that he was “already known to the police for several offences, in particular traffic offenses but also a case of violence”. He was also targeted by a “research sheet for a prison sentence he had not served”.

Antoine Alléno: Has an investigation been opened?

The death of Antoine Alléno was a real shock in the world of gastronomy. The young man was accompanied by a woman, who suffers from multiple bruises. She was quickly taken “to the Cochin hospital in Paris (XIVe) but her vital prognosis was not engaged”, indicates the Parisian. The taxi driver would not have “had any physical injuries but was hospitalized as a precaution”. Francky D was taken into custody and should be referred and then remanded in custody. An investigation for “aggravated manslaughter” has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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