Vivienne Westwood, British designer, died on Thursday, December 29
She was famous for heavily criticizing Kate Middleton’s outfits
Vivienne Westwood even criticized the Princess of Wales’ wedding dress

Vivienne Westwood is a British designer who has distinguished herself above all by her eccentric style and outspokenness. This British fashion star, who died on Thursday, December 29, was also talked about for her comments, which were not always very flattering towards the outfits of Kate Middleton, 40 years old. Moreover, the stylist would have even attacked her wedding dress, according to Gala. In the Sunday Times Magazine, in 2001, Vivienne Westwood had asked questions about the beauty of the Princess of Wales. “I think she has a problem with her eye makeup. That sharp line around her eyes makes her look tough,” she expressed.

At that time, the stylist had advised Prince William’s wife to put it all over her eye or not to put it at all. In addition, Vivienne Westwood has mainly focused on the outfits of the mother of three children. “Prince William’s wife sends back the image of an ordinary woman with her outfits that can be found in any store,” she said, adding: “I think she should send the image of an exceptional woman, regardless of where she buys her clothes”.

Vivienne Westwood: “… I have to wait for that until she has a little more style”

In 2011, Vivienne Westwood once again took on Kate Middleton when she spoke about the royal’s wedding dress. “I’m asked who will make Kate’s wedding dress. It certainly won’t be me, or I would have heard of it,” she announced. “I would have liked to dress Kate Middleton, but I have to wait for that until she has a little more style”, added the widow of Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols, with a burst of laughter. At the time, Vivienne Westwood also criticized the many outfit changes of the mother of Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

Death of Vivienne Westwood: why she wanted Kate Middleton

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