The widow of the Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer is opening up about the illness that killed her husband as well as some of their private lives. Virgil Abloh, artistic director at Louis Vuitton since March 2018 and founder of the Off-White label, died of a rare heart cancer in 2021. Recalling an Instagram post announcing the designer’s death, PEOPLE magazine reports that the best friend of Kanye West died of cardiac angiosarcoma. The designer has endured “many harsh treatments” while continuing to work in the world of fashion and art.

Shannon, the widow of Virgil Abloh, told The New York Times how she and her husband coped with illness and labor. Virgil Abloh’s widow said: “We never had the ‘this is the legacy I want you to work for’ discussion,” before continuing “But because I’ve been with him for so long , I knew every inch of him. I knew every inch of his brain,” she told The New York Times. Shannon also said their couple always wanted to build a supportive family.

Death of Virgil Abloh: the creator spent more time with his family before dying

Virgil Abloh, Shannon, and their two children Lowe and Grey, have been able to spend more time together thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virgil Abloh’s diagnosis of rare heart cancer coincided with the pandemic. Shannon, the designer’s widow said: ‘I know Covid has been an incredibly difficult thing for a lot of people. “But for us, it was an amazing time because Virgil didn’t have to make excuses to escape the shows or the DJ-ing,” she continued.

Death of Virgil Abloh: his widow confides in the last days of the creator

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