This is a 12 year old case. Thierry Meunier, 59, was arrested in Saly, Senegal for the murder of his wife, Véronique Duchesne-Meunier. On October 7, 2010, this same man came to report the disappearance of his wife, seen for the last time the day before, having gone to buy a packet of cigarettes at the port. Two days later, a piece of her shawl was found by a fisherman, then her bag, found 15 km away. It was on October 9 that two fishermen discovered the body of Véronique Duchesne-Meunier.

Relatives are interviewed. Her husband describes her as very fragile and evokes a suicide attempt: “I had the feeling that she wanted to leave, she wanted to die, she was tired”. But those who really know the couple describe the husband as “machiavellian” and “manipulative”. Other elements will attract the attention of the police: he decides to hastily sell the house in which he lived with his wife. Only two months later, he meets a woman. In January 2011, a new autopsy revealed that she had been strangled.

Twelve years later, the crime has not been forgotten

The husband is taken into custody. But he is quickly released, for lack of evidence. He will thus leave for Africa. But even twelve years later, the crime has not been forgotten. Indeed, Thierry Meunier was arrested this time for good for the murder of his wife. The gendarmes concluded that the young woman had become “an obstacle” for her husband. “During several appearances on television shows, Thierry Meunier has always proclaimed his innocence,” recalls Le Parisien.

Death of Véronique Duchesne-Meunier: coup de theater 12 years later thousands of kilometers from the scene of the crime

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