He is angry. The Bogdanoff brothers left their mark on a whole generation. They were controversial scientists who came under constant criticism. Grichka Bogdanoff died on December 28, and was joined by her twin Igor on January 3. Both died of Covid-19. Following the announcement of their death, many personalities wanted to pay tribute to them on social networks. However, some were not expressive enough, according to their agent. In the columns of Gala this Thursday, January 6, Damien Nougarede pushed a rant, which did not go unnoticed. “When I read certain things, I tell myself that we do not have the same way of loving twins,” he said, without giving details about the people concerned. Subsequently, he added to receive many messages from Internet users, who mourn the disappearance of the twins. “They come from all over the world, from Russia, from the United States …”, he concluded, very moved.

They were appreciated. The death of the Bogdanoff brothers, six days apart, shocked fans around the world. “They received a lot of love,” said Damien Nougarede. “They have the status of an icon and a reference in everyone’s collective imagination,” he then added. Very close to them, he did not hesitate to confide in their relationship. “I loved them terribly and I can hardly see myself paying homage to them by making statements like those which have been made for a few days”, he first affirmed. According to him, Igor and Grichka were “worthy to the end” and the many messages he has read on social networks do not represent the image sent by the twins. If their agent was so upset by the tributes paid to them, it is because he considers that they “lack a lot of dignity”, he said before adding: “If these people – there, who are supposedly friends, loved them that way, it’s a little disappointing, “concluded Damien Nougarede, very sorry. Words that risk talking.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff: when will their funeral take place?

While the Bogdanoff brothers died six days apart, the two were inseparable throughout their lives, so it’s no surprise that their funeral will be on the same day. These will take place on January 10, as the family explained to BFM TV. Regarding the place, it is the Church of the Madeleine in Paris. Many personalities should be present to accompany the twins on their last trip.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES

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