She left to join the love of her life. This Monday, January 4, 2021, the death of actress Tanya Roberts was confirmed by her agent to TMZ. The actress, known for her roles in “Charlie’s Angels” and “James Bond” passed away at the age of 65, fourteen years after her dear and loving Barry Roberts. But what had he himself died of? As reported by the Hitc website, Tanya Roberts’ husband died on June 15, 2006 from brain inflammation. He actually fought against encephalitis after an infection that mistakenly attacked his brain tissue.

Note that like Tanya Roberts, Barry Roberts was also an actor. Born April 3, 1946, the latter had for example made appearances in “Legal Tender” (1991) by Jag Mundhra and “Zombie Planet” (2004). It was in 1974 that the couple got married. Until his death, Barry Roberts was inseparable from his partner Tanya Roberts. However, the two lovers never had children and Tanya Roberts never remarried after her disappearance. The actress has always remained faithful to him.

Death of Tanya Roberts: what did she die of?

According to information from TMZ, Tanya Roberts died at her home where she allegedly collapsed on Christmas Eve when she had just returned from a walk with her dogs. Rushed to hospital, the actress who co-starred with Roger Moore in Dangerously Yours (released in 1985) was placed on life support. Unfortunately his state of health did not improve. As his agent clarified, the death of Tanya Roberts was therefore not linked to Covid-19. His funeral should take place in complete privacy.

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