In October 2020, singer Tom Parker announced that he had glioblastoma, an inoperable brain tumor. On March 30, 2022, he succumbed at the age of 33, after 18 months of fighting cancer. A terrible moment for his wife Kelsey Parker, his two children, Aurelia (2019) and Bodhi (2020), as well as for the former members of his group, The Wanted.

Sunday May 1, the one who is now his widow spoke for the first time in a moving interview with The Sun. She returned to the death of her husband, who was at St Christopher’s Hospice, near their home in London. “I slept with him. We were in bed together for two hours, I just wanted this moment with him,” she said before continuing: “I didn’t want anyone to come in. We needed this time together to talk”.

Kelsey Parker: “It was still beautiful until the very end”.

Kelsey Parker explained that Tom Parker had no pain before he died. She promised him to take good care of their children and teach them everything he wanted to teach them. Finally, the 33-year-old singer made a last gesture of love towards his wife. “He took his wedding ring off and put it on my finger. I think he knew then it was the end, but he still had Tom’s fight in him. He didn’t want to go,” he said. she confided.

Shortly after, Tom Parker unfortunately died. The artist breathed his last while listening to Life Forever, from the band Oasis. Kelsey Parker finally told The Sun: “It was still beautiful until the very end. It was just us and there was so much love in that room (…) When he died, I I closed my eyes and I gave him a kiss and I told him I loved him. I told him he was everything to me”. Shortly after the death of the love of his life, Kelsey Parker received a feather, fallen from the sky. A sign of the British singer according to her. Tom Parler’s funeral took place on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

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