It is a terrible ordeal for the family of the young woman. Sihem, found dead on Thursday February 2, was returned to her relatives. Indeed, the body of the high school student will be buried on Monday, February 6 in the afternoon, within the Muslim square of the cemetery of Salles-sur-Gardon. But before saying a final goodbye, Sihem’s friends and family members gathered in his Habitarelle neighborhood near Alès. More than 300 people attended to his remains. They enter one by one to pay homage to his remains, installed in the funeral home. If the sadness is present, the anger is also felt against the one who confessed to having killed her.

Repeated offender, he would have put an end to the days of the young Sihem, after a love dispute. But for many relatives of the young woman, this version does not stick. Especially since the reputation of the man was well known to the inhabitants. “He had, in the Gard, a solid reputation as a criminal for his thefts and burglaries. Strangely, he was never caught for possible activities in the field of drugs. He was himself a consumer and we think he was able to get into trouble in the middle of the traffic to recover sometimes material, sometimes cash, if necessary by moving to Spain”, explains a local mediator.

A personality considered dangerous

The individual is now incarcerated. “His personality is not psychiatric but criminological. He has not internalized the law, nor the authority.” The psychiatric expert who examined Mahfoud H. in prison in 2016 highlights a “mild intellectual disability” and describes a personality “that can be considered sociopathic since adolescence”. During a quest concerning him, the man would have explained: “I knew the juvenile judge like everyone else… but I didn’t do anything serious. I’m not a rapist, I don’t “I didn’t hurt anyone. When I steal a motorbike, I don’t hurt anyone. There are people who take drugs, who rob, I was just robbing”.

Death of Sihem: the date and place of the funeral of the young woman revealed

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