Death of Shanna Hogan: the causes of the death of the best-selling author revealed

Literature has lost one of its most prolific authors. On September 1, Shanna Hogan died at the age of 37 after spending several days in an intensive care unit. On August 27, while spending the day with her fourteen-month-old son, the writer suffered a fall. According to official reports, she was at the edge of her swimming pool when she slipped and hit her head on the ledge. A few hours after this terrible accident, her husband arrived at the scene of the tragedy. He found their son in the water, wearing armbands, and his wife unconscious. He tried to bring her back to life while the rescue services took hold. Quickly transported to an intensive care unit, Shanna Hogan did not survive her injuries and died of a brain injury. For his brain, the shock was too great.

After the author’s death, her husband decided to donate her organs because he wanted “as much of her as possible in this world”. On Facebook, Matt Larussa dedicated a poignant text to the “light of his life”: “Today I have to say goodbye to your physical body. From the day we met, we were inseparable. To this day, we felt that anyone who knew us knew we would be together forever. Shanna, you are my moon and stars and that will never change … “A friend of the author then created a fundraiser to help the family has to cover medical and funeral expenses. “This fundraiser will raise money to pay the family’s major medical bills, memorial costs and to support Zander as he grows up without his mom,” it read.

A successful author

Born in Kansas in 1982, Shanna Hogan was a journalist as well as a bestseller author. His favorite subject? The crimes. After a first novel published in 2011, she became known to the general public two years later thanks to her book, Picture Perfect, which recounted the life of Jodi Arias, a young woman who was sentenced for the murder of her companion. After several other novels, she published her latest book, Secrets of a Sailor’s Wife, in 2019. “Shanna’s writing will live on, the lives she saved will live on and her greatest creation – her little boy – will live to inspire us all, ”her friend Kathleen Mayer concluded in a heartbreaking tribute. As of this writing, the fundraiser stands at $ 21,513.

Shanna Hogan © Instagram

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