Death of Sean Connery: who is actor Jason Connery, his only child?

Born from Sean Connery’s first marriage to actress Diane Cilento on January 11, 1963, Jason Connery was certainly inspired by the meteoric career of his famous father, one of the most famous interpreters of James Bond in cinema. In the shadow of the latter, and after studying drama at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School, he is nevertheless an actor well known to the English-speaking public, making his weapons from the 1980s on television, in series in the image of Doctor Who or Smallville and in television films, but also in the cinema. A success born after a very first role in front of the camera of Franc Roddam for the film The Lords of Discipline in 1983. But after having chained the roles on the small and big screens (it counts more than 60 films to its counter as it l ‘revealed on his own website), it was ultimately behind the camera that Sean Connery’s son flourished the most.

Thus, in 2009, Jason Connery took on the role of filmmaker, making a first film titled The Devil’s Tomb with Cuba Gooding Jr. or Ron Perlman. Two other feature films, baptized 51 and Gladiators, followed, produced in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Thanks to his passion for directing, he can also claim to have been able to direct one of the heirs to the throne of England. , a former classmate who appeared in his little-known film Hotel Paradiso: Prince Edward of Wessex, the third son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Discreet, preferring to keep his Instagram account away from prying eyes, he however shared the life of American actress Mia Sara from 1996 to 2002. A first wife who gave him a son born in 1997, named Dashiell. What to make Sean Connery proud?

Father-son tensions

But if he followed in his father’s footsteps, Jason Connery has not always been on good terms with the Scottish star. In 2008, and as the journalist Philippe Delorme explained in an article for the magazine Point de vue, Diane Cilento affirmed that her son had been accused by Sean Connery of only obtaining work thanks to his illustrious surname. And to add: “My son has never received a cent from his father and he has no intention of leaving him a part of his important fortune.” An exit that could take on its full meaning on Saturday, October 31, when the BBC announced the death of the eternal James Bond.

An only son © OLIVIER BORDE

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