With Brut, the appointment was made. For a day, Safar Taouih would follow Rania, a 16-year-old girl suffering from progeria, a very rare disease that causes accelerated aging. Camera in hand, the journalist went to meet the relatives of the Tik Tok star in order to carry out his portrait. Symbolic images: a few days later, on October 15, Rania was admitted to hospital and died of her illness. Despite the pain, the family of the young girl had a very dear wish, and requested the broadcast of the report despite the mourning. “This report was due out this weekend. In the meantime, Rania is deceased. Her family still wanted us to broadcast this video to pay tribute to her,” Safar Taouih wrote on Twitter on October 17.

The video featured Rania in her daily life and began with a sequence tinged with humor, in which the young girl from Annemasse in Haute-Savoie spoke of her illness. “Why don’t I have hair? So that, I really don’t know. But here it is … I’m short of stature, I have old-fashioned illnesses, since I’m aging faster. osteoarthritis and everything, ”she said. “But I haven’t Alzheimer’s yet so it’s okay!”

Head full of dreams

Rania was a star on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and she was particularly known for her humorous videos filmed with in particular the youtubeur Gamemixtreizeoff. On her Instagram account, Rania was followed by more than 771,000 people. On YouTube, 352,000 people watched his videos. On October 17, a rally was organized in his memory in his hometown. The only dream she didn’t have time to realize was to shoot in front of the camera. Thanks to the YouTuber GameMixTreize, however, she had the opportunity to record a song in the studio.

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