Death of Prince Philip: this important decision that Queen Elizabeth could take to feel better

After 73 years of living together, Queen Elizabeth II will have to learn to live without Prince Philip. Her husband died on Friday April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. A few days after the funeral of Princes William and Harry’s grandfather, the Queen reportedly made the decision to stay at Windsor Castle. Indeed, according to information from L’Express, she would henceforth only use Buckingham Palace as her office and no longer her home. Queen Elizabeth II has never hidden from worshiping the 950-year-old royal fortress in Windsor. She would have confessed to some of her relatives that she felt better and more comfortable there than in Buckingham. This is why many people think that she could spend all her time there.

“The nicest thing to do is allow her to live where she feels most comfortable,” said a relative of the royal family. Even before Prince Philip’s death, she was spending more and more time at Windsor Castle. Until a few years ago, she only went there on weekends. Only, lately, she was there half of the week in addition to the weekends. The coronavirus pandemic arguably sped up the process, but it appears to be for its greater good. During confinement, she was there with her husband and around 20 staff members who were isolated from their own families in order to serve her.

Queen Elizabeth II is expected to resume her official engagements soon

Once the period of royal mourning is over, she will resume her official commitments. Thus, she will not be without returning to Buckingham Palace. But while it has been the official residence of the monarch in London since 1837, it may well be that Queen Elizabebth II will change the situation.

Queen Elisabeth II © AGENCE

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