In the UK, all the wills of the British royal family are secretly kept in a safe, according to revelations from People media. Kept by High Court Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane at the Royal Courts of Justice, the first surviving will dates from 1911 and is believed to have been written by Prince Francis of Teck. “I can confirm that the oldest of these envelopes is labeled as containing the will of Prince Francois de Teck,” the judge told the media. At his side, there are of course the last wishes of Queen Elizabeth II and that of Prince Philip, who died last April. If the judge must ensure that the contents of the wills remain secret, People still indicates the contents of the safe.

Already last September, Judge McFarlane detailed what he had seen: “I am now the keeper of a safe in which there are more than thirty envelopes, each supposed to contain the sealed will of a deceased member of The most recent additions were made in 2002 and are, respectively, the wills of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and the late Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon “.

A safe “to protect the dignity and position of the sovereign’s public role”

The contents of this safe are therefore well guarded, which must contain many secrets. But the royal family has the right to a very high level of confidentiality “to protect the dignity and the position of the public role of the sovereign and other close members of his family”, explains his guardian. The latter warns: it will be necessary to wait more than 90 years after the death of the person to be able to open his will. And again, there is little chance of having access to this content: this request is likely “to fail in the absence of a specific, individual or private justification relating to the administration of the deceased’s estate. “. That is what is said.

Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip © Backgrid UK

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