Death of Prince Philip: the poignant content of his latest letter unveiled

June 10, 2021 should have been the celebration of Prince Philip’s century of life. On this occasion, a local German television channel had finalized a documentary. The latter speaks in particular of the Germanic origins of the Duke of Edinburgh. A fan of the royal family wanted to mark this occasion by sharing the content of this documentary on social networks. We discover a revelation. Indeed, the nephew of the prince consort affirms that he would hold the last letter sent by the Duke of Edinburgh.

It is Prince Rainier of Hesse, 89, known as Rainer von Diez in the artistic world, who makes this shocking admission. Earlier this year Prince Rainier of Hesse contacted his uncle. In particular, he wanted the Duke of Edinburgh to write a little note about Wolfsgarten Castle. The Prince of Hesse especially wanted to include this letter as a preface to his book. A book which relates, of course, the history of this castle which was once the main residence of the Grand Dukes of Hesse.

“A letter received on the day of his death”

The Duke of Edinburgh had responded favorably to the request of Prince Rainier of Hesse. Only at this time Prince Philip was in poor health. A heart operation and several hospitalizations summed up this period of the year 2021 for him. Despite all of this, he had certainly found the time to write the letter while he was recovering at Windsor Castle.

Indeed, on April 9, 2021, the day of the announcement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, Prince Rainier of Hesse received a large envelope at his home. Inside was a paper with the seal of the Duke of Edinburgh. The letter in English read: “I have the happiest memories of Wolfsgarten in the early 1930s, when the house was still full of relatives and friends from all over Europe.” Prince Philip’s secretary had assured the Prince of Hesse of the authenticity of the letter.

Prince Philip © Agency

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