Death of Prince Philip: the moving tributes of his sons Andrew and Edward on television

The United Kingdom is in mourning … This Friday, April 9, 2021, Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99, two months before his hundredth birthday. The news was announced by Buckingham Palace, which said in its statement that the Duke of Edinburgh died “peacefully at Windsor Castle”. The unwavering support of Queen Elizabeth II for decades, Prince Philip was able to count on the presence of his wife, who was at his bedside. The British royal family will bid him farewell this Saturday, April 17, during a private and intimate funeral at Windsor Castle.

During the day of this Sunday, April 11, a mass was organized in the Royal Chapel of Windsor, to pay homage to Prince Philip. Present for the occasion, Prince Andrew spoke in front of the cameras of British television. “I feel really sad and sorry for my mother whom I support, who feels, I think, is probably in pain more than everyone else,” he said, adding that the Queen of England remained “stoic” in his grief. Prince Philip’s death left “a huge void” in his mother’s life, according to the Duke of York.

Prince Philip, “a remarkable man”

In his wake, Prince Andrew was keen to stress how his father “was a remarkable man”. “I loved him as a father, he was so calm. If you had a problem he would think about it for you. He was always someone you could go to and he listened all the time.” , he added the duke who was ousted from the monarchy. According to the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, the British people have lost “the grandfather of [their] nation”. As Prince Andrew made clear, the entire royal family is mobilizing to ensure that the Queen of England is supported. And to conclude: “I know there is tremendous support, not just for her, but for everyone as we go through this huge change in our lives.”

Prince Edward spoke in turn

Also present, Prince Edward spoke in turn: “Even if we try to prepare for this, it is still a terrible shock and we are still in the process of accepting it. And it is very, very sad, “he said, before highlighting the many tributes received. “It just shows that he might have been our father, our grandfather, our stepfather, but he meant so much to so many other people,” concluded the Earl of Wessex.

“It’s a great loss. I think the way I would put it is we’ve lost almost the grandfather of the nation” Prince Andrew pays tribute to his father the Duke of Edinburgh following his death.Read more here: https: // t .co / zv6NRoO98E

– Sky News (@SkyNews) April 11, 2021

Prince Andrew says the Queen described the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh as having “left a huge void” in her life, and says the royal family is “rallying round to make sure that we’re there to support her” Read more here:

– Sky News (@SkyNews) April 11, 2021
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew © AGENCE

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