Very sad news. This Thursday, February 2, Le Figaro announced that Philippe Tesson, journalist and dramatic critic, had breathed his last the day before, peacefully and surrounded by his family, at the age of 94. This theater enthusiast, who was also the owner of the Poche-Montparnasse theater in Paris, had notably founded the opinion newspaper Le Quotidien de Paris in 1974. On the private side, Philippe Tesson is the father of the playwright and director Stéphanie Tesson, journalist Daphné Tesson, and travel writer Sylvain Tesson.

Aged 50, the latter was close to death on August 21, 2014. That day, Sylvain Tesson fell more than ten meters after falling from a gutter. Alcoholic, he had just climbed a building during an evening with friends to celebrate the release of his book Bérézina. Hospitalized, the writer spent 10 days in a coma. When he woke up, he discovered that his vertebrae and skull were in pieces. Now paralyzed on one side of his face, he lost his taste and became deaf in one ear.

Sylvain Tesson now fully enjoys life

In an interview with Laurent Delahousse in the program 1:15 p.m. on Sunday December 11, 2022, the author confided that he had now completely stopped drinking. “I paid too much for it really I fell because I was ‘bogged down’, I fell off a roof it was stupid and it almost cost me my life and I think I don’t I won’t be able to moderate myself. It’s easier to be radical than to be moderate, so I prefer to stop rather than try to reduce. And then I wouldn’t be interested, “he confided. Considering himself miraculous, the writer now takes full advantage of life knowing that he almost lost it a few years ago. “When we risk death and at some point we come back to ourselves and we have the chance granted to us to be able to live again, then there is undoubtedly and inevitably an increased desire for life. I get up every mornings since this fall with much more desire to absorb all that I can of existence”, he concluded.

Death of Philippe Tesson: who is his son Sylvain, famous writer victim of a dramatic accident?

Sylvain Tesson © Jean-Marc Lhomer

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