Football legend Pelé left his fans in mourning on December 29, 2022. Aged 82, the one who was nicknamed the “King” died of cancer in São Paulo. During the days preceding his death, he was accompanied by his third wife, Marcia Cibele Aoki, and his children.

Two months after Pelé’s death, part of the content of his will has been revealed, as his wife’s lawyer, Me Luiz Kignel, told us. The former footballer naturally decided to bequeath a large part of his fortune to Marcia Cibele Aoki, his wife since 2016. According to initial information, she should inherit 30% of his property, including “compulsorily” the house where they lived. in Guaruja, a seaside resort in São Paulo.

Pelé may have had an unrecognized daughter

Pelé’s will brought its share of revelations. Indeed, he mentioned the possibility that the three-time world champion has another unrecognized daughter. “He indicated the possibility of the existence of another daughter, whose recognition will depend on a DNA test which could not be carried out (on Pelé) due to the pandemic and his state of health” confided Me Kignel. If little information has been given about the young woman, it would be a Brazilian who had taken legal action for a paternity search and who could therefore be her eighth child.

In September 2022, a São Paulo court reportedly ordered Pelé to submit to a test. The latter should now be performed on one of its recognized children. The remaining 70% of Pelé’s estate could therefore be shared with her if paternity is confirmed. In addition to the athlete’s residence, other real estate and a stake in the Pelé brand would be included in the inheritance. According to Me Kignel, the complete inventory has not yet been made and the total amount of the estate is not yet known.

Death of Pelé: this big surprise hidden in his will


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