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Death of Nick Cordero: why his wife documented his fight against the coronavirus?

Already three months have passed since the tragic disappearance of Nick Cordero … It is following complications related to the coronavirus that the 41-year-old actor passed away on Sunday, July 5, 2020. During his hospitalization of more than 90 days, his wife, Amanda Kloots kept a real diary of his fight. Plunged into a coma, the one who had just become a father had his leg amputated before undergoing a tracheotomy. Placed in intensive care, he had managed to communicate with the eyes. Encouraging progress, which the young woman shared with joy on social networks. So, a momentum of solidarity was created and a dance challenge was launched so that Nick Cordero got back on his feet.

In an interview with The New York Times, Amanda Kloots explained why she shared this intimate moment with her fans: “Nick was sick and in our house for a good week, and I didn’t say anything. And then when he is went to the hospital, thought it was important to share. My husband, who is 41 and has no pre-existing health issues, is now in intensive care after just being tired. , my business was online, and I was trying to make money for our family, and I thought if I didn’t say it, I would be living a lie. “

A question of timing?

Confiding on Nick Cordero’s last days, the young woman explained: “He was getting better. They were almost going to get him out of intensive care. And then he had a terrible infection in his lungs and his fever rose, his blood pressure. dropped, his heart stopped and he died for two minutes, and that was the start of the downward spiral. I just felt like he could never take a break. ” If Amanda Kloots keeps coming forward for their baby boy, Elvis, she’s convinced her husband could have survived: “It was another time, and Nick just got tricked. I think it would be different if he went. in the hospital now. “

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots © © Mega / KCS

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