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Death of Nick Cordero: this upsetting gesture of his wife every night when she puts her son to bed

Hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Nick Cordero died at age 41 on July 5, 2020, from the coronavirus. Three months after his disappearance, his widow Amanda Kloots makes a point of honor to celebrate his memory, while their son Elvis celebrated his first birthday in June 2020. To do this, the theater actress (where she has to elsewhere met her late beloved, Broadway star) has established a touching ritual, which she explained to the American magazine People on Wednesday, October 21: “we say goodnight to daddy and give Nick a kiss.”

But that’s not all since, always with our colleagues from across the Atlantic, Amanda Kloots confided that her mornings with little Elvis were also punctuated by the music of Nick Cordero. Every evening, the mother-son duo also take the opportunity to look at photos of him together, so that the toddler does not forget the man his father was. Enough to brighten up his darkest days. “Whenever I’m sad, it lifts my spirits in two seconds,” says the one who became a professional coach, “he looks at me with his big smile and small teeth, and I’m instantly transported to a different mood.” A little boy who has become a ray of hope, as Amanda Kloots gradually notices his resemblance to her famous dad. “Elvis is calm and cool. He gets along with everyone. He’s very Nick.”

95 days of hospitalization

Nick Cordero’s death had the effect of an electric shock. After contracting a severe form of the coronavirus, the actor spent 95 days in hospital, in an induced coma for half of his stay. His state of health only worsened. Victim of a lung infection, he was also struck by septic shock, forcing his doctors to amputate his right leg. If the news was sometimes good and he could communicate with his eyes, not being able to speak, Nick Cordero was finally carried away by the Covid-19 causing a stir across the whole world.

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