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Death of Nick Cordero: his wife explains having “lost her family”

After a long battle with complications from the coronavirus, Nick Cordero died on Sunday July 5, 2020 at the age of 41. While she is now raising their son alone, his wife, Amanda Kloots again spoke on her Instagram account. If she always kept smiling while her husband was in a coma, she is indeed more and more aware of his disappearance: “Every day, as I work on this loss more and more, I achieve new things. that hit me every day. Today is losing my family. I lost my husband. Elvis lost his father, but today I realized that we lost our family. We couldn’t even really be a family. We won’t have those memories I dreamed of since Elvis was born. It hit me hard. It stings like a horrible bug bite. ”

Grieving, Amanda Kloots continues: “The pain of everything has recently started to stop me in my tracks. I’m going to do something and then I freeze, unable to think or move. My stomach hurts, it hurts. worse than I ever imagined. ” If the new mom continues to share her story, she explained that she wants other grieving people to know that they are not alone: ​​“I say this tonight in the hope that if someone other can understand, know that I am here with you. If someone else feels this pain, you are not alone. Grieving is a journey we all take differently. Talk about it when I have the strength to do it , it helps me. I don’t always have the strength, sometimes I can’t speak at all. There is no answer. There is no right or wrong. I can only give me the time and the process and be honest with that. ”

Little Elvis Cordero hasn’t forgotten his father

Thirteen-month-old Elvis Cordero will not have known his father much. While the latter had been in a coma since March, Amanda Kloots revealed on Thursday, July 9, 2020 that the little boy had not yet forgotten his father, on the contrary! In a video posted on Instagram, she revealed that Elvis had kissed a photo of Nick Cordero: “I was showing Elvis videos of Nick and … Elvis saw it and smiled, and I’m not kidding, he leaned over to the phone and kissed his dad. I replayed the video and he kept pushing the button. He was kissing the phone, he was kissing his dad. ” Very moved, the young woman added: “My heart melted. In a way, it made me feel good because I had the impression that he recognized, Nick, do you understand? he knew who he was and recognized his father even though it had been over three months. ”

Death of Nick Cordero: his wife explains having “lost her family” © Instagram

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