On December 22, 2021, Romain found the lifeless body of his companion, YouTuber Mava Chou, at his home in the Vosges. Upset by the disappearance of the woman he loves, the one who shared his life for a year and a half has long confided in the columns of the Parisian. “You can criticize her face when she woke up, her makeup, it made her laugh. But when hundreds of accounts started attacking her role as a mother, her children, her partner, it became unbearable for her. “, he said. Angry, the young man said: “I don’t want to press charges. The investigation will have to determine who did what. But when her ex-husband began to imply that there could have been violence under our roof, at the start of 2020, it took on enormous proportions. “

While Maëva Frossard, whose real name was, was the victim of moral harassment, Romain explained: “On social networks, it was claimed that Maëva was an abusive mother. That the children would have had access to X movies on my computer. We have been compared to Michel Fourniret (pedophile and serial killer), to Myriam Badaoui (sentenced for seven child rapes in Outreau). It is there that I started to be afraid. The name of our commune has leaked out. on the Internet. Pictures of our street were published again. This time, it was implied that I had sexually abused children … Any unstable person could come and hurt us. The problem, is that Adrien (Czajczynski, Maëva’s ex-husband) has never denied these rumors. ” The mother of four then took steps to protect herself. He explained: “She started seeing a psychologist around this time. Me too. The situation impacted our daily life. I saw her descent into hell over the last ten months. The attacks had become almost daily. She did not know any more. what to do.”

Romain: “Going after a woman, when you know she is fragile, I find it horrible”

Today, Romain is waiting for justice to recognize what Maëva suffered by designating the person or people who pushed her to commit this act. “The fact that you can go after a woman, when you know she is fragile, I find that horrible. Unnamed. It is to keep pressing on the head of someone who is drowning. we can make these people understand that, despite the fact that they feel anonymous and protected, we can find them, that would already be a big step, “he said.

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