It is a tragic story that that of Mava Chou. Her real name Maëva Frossard, the 32-year-old young woman, mother of four – who had no less than 145,000 subscribers on YouTube – killed herself on December 22, after having been the target of numerous messages from hate on social media. Victim of cyber-harassment, in particular from the hostile community of her ex-husband, Adrien Czajczynski, Maëva had filed five harassment complaints against her former spouse, but none of them resulted in an end the actions of the latter as well as Internet users rallied to his camp. “When hundreds of accounts started attacking her role as a mother, her children, her spouse, it became unbearable for her. (…) When her ex-husband began to imply that there could have been violence under our roof, at the beginning of 2020, it took an enormous scale. On social networks, it was claimed that Maëva was an abusive mother, “said Romain, Maëva’s last companion.

Mava Chou: the YouTuber had already made 3 suicide attempts

Faced with this wave of hatred which overwhelms her, the young woman gradually sinks. “I was put on anti-depressants and I came to want to stop living. I made attempts,” she confided to the Sept à Huit team who had met her on December 7th. . Moved, she revealed her distress, explaining that it had become difficult to fight. “Finally, we give up. If I’m a monster, then I’m going. We can’t do it because we have no way out. We file complaints, we ask for help. And everything. nobody cares, ”Maëva explained.

Maëva Frossard, alias Mava Chou © TF1

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