A week after the events, the sudden death of Mava Chou sparked a legal reaction. On December 22, 2021, at the end of the day, this 32-year-old YouTuber died in “terrible” circumstances, according to her entourage. She left four children behind. If no details about the circumstances of his death have been relayed, Jeremstar has unveiled disturbing details about his daily life on the Web. The influencer would have been the victim of many detractors. A wave of comments filled with hatred that would have pushed her to file a complaint on the day of her disappearance against her ex-husband, suspected of having caused this surge of hatred.

It would be this complaint which would have pushed the public prosecutor’s office of Epinal (Vosges) to open an investigation, in parallel with that which was launched to search for the causes of the death of Maëva Frossard of her real name. These new investigations were launched for “moral harassment having led to suicide”, from December 22, 2021 according to sources close to the file cited by the daily Le Parisien. The gendarmes of the Remiremont research brigade took up the case and will have the task of identifying any Internet users who would have participated in the smear campaign targeting Mava Chou. She had, moreover, shared her psychological distress in her final video relayed on YouTube.

Mava Chou’s ex-husband defended himself

What will Adrien Czajczynski think of the opening of this investigation? Pointed out for having stirred up the anger of detractors, Mava Chou’s ex-husband (and father of her four children) spoke in a video, shared on his own YouTube channel Adrien Vlog & Blabla. Like the deceased, he revealed to be the victim of massive harassment for two years and says that, despite the animosity that may have reigned between him and the young woman, he remained touched by her death. “I will never let this kind of behavior pass again,” he warned, “I will not let the vigilantes of social networks accuse me, Laura (his new companion), my relatives, my friends of murderers. ”


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