The Prince’s Palace has already organized everything. Following the death of Princess Marie of Liechtenstein on August 21, 2021, the principality follows a seven-day period of national mourning. This will end with the funeral of the wife of Hans Adam II. Indeed, as recounted by the website Histoires Royales, the funeral of Marie d’Orléans will take place this Saturday, August 28, 2021 in the Saint-Florin cathedral in Vaduz. The opportunity for members of his family and the public to pay him a final tribute. The deceased has already been the subject of a shower of mourning messages from politicians, associative organizations (she was the head of the Liechtenstein Red Cross before becoming its honorary president), and other crowned heads.

The funeral service will only be reserved for guests, due to the space available at Saint Florin Cathedral. A press release from Vaduz Castle, relayed by the Volksblatt site, said the ceremony will begin at 2 p.m. And in the event that some wish to attend Marie d’Orléans’ funeral from the comfort of their homes, the funeral will be broadcast on the state channel Landeskanal, in charge of broadcasting official information. Last detail: from this Thursday, August 26 and until August 27, 2021, a condolence book will be available at the cathedral of Vaduz for anonymous people wishing to send a last message to the princess.

What are the causes of the death of Marie d’Orléans?

As a reminder, on August 18, Marie d’Orléans was rushed to hospital after being the victim of a cerebrovascular accident (stroke). For a few days, the public went without news of the 81-year-old princess. Until Sunday, August 22, when a new press release from the Prince’s Palace announced the death of the main concerned. She passed away in the afternoon of Saturday, August 21, surrounded by her relatives, at Grabs hospital.

Marie d’Orléans © WALTER

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