YouTube star thanks to his channel where he shared videos with his wife and their two daughters, Landon Clifford died Wednesday August 19, 2020 at the age of 19. In shock, it was on Instagram that his wife announced the news to their fans three days later: “August 13, 2020 was the last day of Landon, the best father and husband he could be. in the past 6 days in a coma he has passed away and donated several organs to people in need across the country. he died saving the lives of others. he is the kind of person he was . Compassionate, loving, caring, kind and gentle. He was an amazing husband and the best father the daughters could have had. It saddens me to know that they will not know him fully. ”

In mourning, it was on August 27, 2020 that Camryn Clifford had the strength to post a video on YouTube, entitled: ‘My husband is deceased.’ In the latter, the mother of two little girls – Collette and Delilah – began: “I never thought I should make a video like this someday. It’s a very important story to tell and it’s my job to tell it, but it’s not an easy story at all to tell. ” If the young couple were dreaming their million subscribers, the influencer revealed that her husband had suffered for years from mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, as well as attention deficit disorder. If the 19-year-old was happy to welcome their second child last May, it was around this time that things started to get complicated. While depressed, Landon Clifford, in fact, fell “into a vicious cycle” by becoming dependent on his medication.

The young YouTuber hanged himself

Containment will have been complicated for the duo. While caring for two toddlers while living with someone with depression was complicated for Camryn Clifford, the couple had temporarily split up before living together again. If the young man seemed to be doing better, it was on August 13, 2020 that Landon Clifford apologized to his wife before going to take a bath. Seeing the time pass, it was after half an hour that the young mother noticed that the latter was not in the bathtub, before finding him hanged in their garage. As his story touches many, Camryn Clifford added: “If he had known all that was to come after doing what he did, he wouldn’t have done it. That’s why I am. here to tell his story, because there are so many people who need to hear from him. ”

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