Prince Harry’s memoir comes out on January 10, 2023
The Duke of Sussex promotes it in an interview for the ITV channel
Prince Harry returns in particular to the death of Princess Diana

Painful memories. The royal family has not finished being at the heart of the controversy since even if Prince Harry’s memoirs will not be on sale until January 10, 2023, the revelations have already started to rain, in particular because of leaks of extracts from memoirs unveiled by the Guardian. This January 9, an interview with the Duke of Sussex for the British channel ITV and facing journalist Tom Bradby was broadcast. In the latter, Prince Harry returns to several subjects that he addresses in his book, and in particular the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Lady Di was killed in a car accident in the Alma Bridge tunnel on August 31, 1997, Prince Harry was then 12 years old, and his brother Prince William 15 years old.

As he tells Tom Badby, Prince Harry believes there is “still a lot unexplained” about Diana’s death. That being said, he does not want to dive back into these tragic events, however, since he added that he does not “really see the point” of opening a new investigation after years of analyzing the case. Speaking about the life-changing accident, Prince Harry says he remembers looking at photos of the accident at the time to try to figure out what happened. “I did not understand his death” he explains to the journalist. A death which was then followed by other particularly difficult ordeals, and all the more so for children aged 12 and 15 who had just lost their mother.

Prince Harry: ‘I don’t want to be a single dad’

Diana’s sons indeed had to walk behind her coffin before her burial and then shake hands with some of the thousands in attendance. “There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers for our mother, and we were shaking hands with a smile. We didn’t understand why the hands were wet, but it was from the tears people were wiping away. Everyone felt like they knew our mother, and the two people closest to her, the two people she loved the most, couldn’t show their emotions at that time.” These dark hours marked the princes for life, and it was one of the reasons that prompted Prince Harry to leave the United Kingdom with his wife, Meghan Markle, harassed by the media. Fearing history repeating itself, Diana’s youngest son sadly confessed: “I don’t want to be a single dad. And I don’t want my kids (Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, ed) growing up without their mother or father”.

Death of Lady Diana: these questions that Prince Harry still asks himself about his "unexplained" death

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