“I was the victim of a totally gratuitous act. I did nothing.”, these are the last words of Kevin Marichal that he whispered to the man who tried to rescue him, reports La Libre. Remember that the unfortunate, then 29 years old, died of his injuries on January 14, 2011 at the entrance to Georges Henri Park, in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. “He was bleeding profusely from the neck, he had wounds in the chest and in the lower abdomen, which revealed his internal organs”, explains La Libre. Despite the intervention of the emergency services, this man who was attacked while jogging dies.

The man who rescued him says he saw two attackers. This good Samaritan underlines the fact that the main aggressor was in a trance, in “an angry state beyond belief”, in his words. The main culprit was screaming at the top of his voice while lashing out at the victim, according to the insider. As for the second aggressor, he would have withdrawn in order to better contemplate the horrible scene. Another eyewitness, a woman shopping, also said Kevin Marichal was trying to escape his attackers. The violence of the beatings he had received was such that it was clear that his attackers wanted to kill him, according to her.

Kevin Marichal was stabbed 41 times

The police reportedly used surveillance cameras in the area to identify the culprits, according to La Libre. This is how they were able to discover three young people wandering in the park, two of whom looked like the attackers. The Mobib intermunicipal transport card used by one of them allowed identification. All the information gathered led to the discovery of the identity of three minors, Christian, Arsen and Victor, from the former Soviet Union. Officials said they were drunk when one of them started a fight with Kevin Marichal for no good reason. Except that the latter had fought back and had even taken over, which is why they gave him 41 stab wounds.

Death of Kevin: In the wrong place at the wrong time, his jog ends in blood

Death of Kevin: In the wrong place at the wrong time, his jog ends in blood © Pexels

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