A few hours before the end of his police custody, Lucas L. confesses to the murder of Justine Vayrac. He tells investigators that he punched the young woman before getting rid of her lifeless body. But now the results of the autopsy contradict these statements, as mentioned by the journalist of the New Detective, Michel Mary, on the set of Touche pas à mon poste, Monday October 31, 2022. “Even before the autopsy, at the lifting of the body, the doctor who examines the body, says that there was not one blow but several, in particular one with a heavy weapon, like a hammer or a club”, explains the reporter.

The results of the autopsy are unequivocal: Justine Vayrac died by strangulation. A version that Lucas L. will never give to the investigators. “It completely contradicts what he said while in police custody.” The journalist thus explains that even if Lucas L. goes back on his statements, the main suspect finds himself stuck, since he gave the investigators the place where the body of Justine Vayrac was found. “Only he could lead the investigators to this place.”

Justine Vayrac, drug addict?

It remains to be seen whether Justine Vayrac was drugged. Indeed, the young woman would have explained to her friend Théo that her champagne had a “weird” taste. “When Justine was vomiting, she repeated: ‘I’m sure we put something in my drink'”, said Théo to Figaro. Still according to the victim’s friend, the alleged perpetrator then replied: “No, don’t worry, you’re vomiting what we put in the glass”. If the toxicological analysis were to reveal that the victim was indeed drugged, the instruction could well take another turn. Indeed, nothing could thus contradict the hypothesis of premeditation. For the time being, the known elements make the alleged perpetrator incur “life imprisonment”, as Limoges prosecutor Baptiste Porcher said during a press briefing.

Death of Justine Vayrac: why does the autopsy "contradict" the confessions of the alleged murderer?

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