The world of the seventh art mourns the death of a great director. Friday, February 10, 2023, Hugh Hudson breathed his last at the age of 86. “Hugh Hudson, beloved husband and father, died at Charing Cross Hospital [à Londres, ndlr] after a short illness”, announced his relatives. If his son, Thomas and his second wife, Maryam d’Abo, mourn his tragic death, they are not the only ones. Indeed, his ex-son-in-law, Paul Belmondo, expressed his great sadness after the death of the director of the famous films Chariots of fire (1981) or Greystoke, the legend of Tarzan (1984). “Hugh Hudson shared my mum’s life and I grew up by her side in London I am very sad for her passing, I think of her family. Rest in Peace Hugh”, he wrote in the caption of a photo of Hugh Hudson, on his Instagram account.

For a few years, his mother, Elodie Constantin, shared the life of the director and was therefore his stepfather. Both seemed to share strong bonds. Moreover, it was thanks to his ex-father-in-law that he discovered car racing, watching his documentary on the Italian driver Fangio, Fangio: una vita a 300 all’ora (1980).

Many actors paid tribute to Hugh Hudson

Paul Belmondo is not the only one to have paid tribute to the famous director, of whom we do not know what illness he suffered from. It is also on the same social network, Saturday February 11, 2023, that Christophe Lambert expressed his sadness at having learned of his death. “To my beloved Hugh Hudson, who gave me the chance to do the fabulous Greystoke, the legend of Tarzan, RIP my friend. I miss you, I love you”, he wrote. As a reminder, the director had chosen to trust him to play the main role of his successful film, Greystoke, the legend of Tarzan.

Death of Hugh Hudson: Paul Belmondo pays tribute to his ex-father-in-law

Paul Belmondo © Christophe Clovis

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