Besides the Crown which naturally goes to Charles III, Elizabeth II of England also has many assets.
The mother of King Charles III of England is the owner of an extremely valuable jewelry collection.
Granny’s Chips is one of her jewels, and it is the most valuable in the world.

The brooch of Elizabeth II of England, dubbed Granny’s Chips, is estimated at 55 million euros, according to the Mirror of September 28, 2022. At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have worn some of Her Majesty’s jewelry. According to the Mirror, the diamond brooch of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who died at the age of 96, is the most precious in the world. In addition, the sovereign herself had nicknamed this brooch Granny’s Chips.

The brooch is not only the most valuable in the world because of its two enormous diamonds baptized the Cullinan III and the Cullinan IV. This is also a brooch that has a very strong historical symbol for the late Queen Elizabeth II and other monarchs before her. The Mirror reports that the mother of King Charles III of England, 73, received the diamonds from his grandmother, Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth II of England herself wore her precious brooch very few times during her 70-year reign. Elizabeth II, for example, wore this brooch during her diamond jubilee in 2012. The Queen of England was then celebrating her 60 years of reign.

Death of Elizabeth II: Queen’s will names who inherits Granny’s Chips

The Mirror pointed out that after the death of Elizabeth II, during her funeral in particular, many members of the royal family had been seen wearing jewelery given or loaned by the sovereign. As the £55million brooch is also part of the Queen’s personal collection, it’s debatable who will inherit it. The Mirror specifies that it is impossible to know exactly who the lucky winner is. Elizabeth II’s will not to be made public.

Death of Elizabeth II: who will inherit Granny's Chips, the pin estimated at 55 million euros?

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