Elizabeth II died at the age of 96.
The queen was able to count on loyal supporters until her last breath.
Elizabeth II had loyal courtiers.

At the age of 96, Thursday September 8, 2022, Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle. If Prince Charles, who became King of England, was present when she breathed her last, he was not living with her. Only, the queen was able to count on the support of her faithful allies until the end. Indeed, as The Mail+ reports, she was always accompanied by her loyal courtiers. Among them, Paul Whybrew, also nicknamed “Tall Paul” because of his meter ninety-three. For the queen, he was indispensable. She could also count on Barry Mitford, her sergeant-at-arms. The pair were her regular companions, bringing her the Racing Post each day and sitting down with her to watch her favorite sport on TV.

Elizabeth II could also spend a lot of time with Angela Kelly, her seamstress. This is the Liverpudlian docker’s daughter who became his right-hand man with the title of personal assistant, adviser and curator to Her Majesty the Queen. “She wrapped the queen in cotton. She was very overprotective and made sure that Her Majesty didn’t overdo it,” said a source close to the British royal family.

Elizabeth II enjoyed her last summer at Balmoral

While the Queen’s state of health had been worrying for several days and she knew she was not eternal, she took advantage of her last summer at Balmoral Castle. She liked to live in the countryside and take walks in her gardens. His funeral should take place in several days while waiting for all the festivities to take place.

Death of Elizabeth II: those relatives who stayed with her until the end

Elizabeth II © Photoshoot

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