According to our colleagues from the Daily Mail, a handwritten letter by Queen Elizabeth II is kept in Sydney
La Monarque would have written it in 1986
Only condition to open it: wait until 2085

By passing away on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II left her subjects and the British royal family in deep grief. But with her, her secrets also flew away. While the Scots said a last goodbye to him on Monday, September 12, a handwritten letter by him, addressed to the citizens of Sydney would be hidden in a building in the city. The only condition to be able to open it and read it… Wait until 2085! It was during an organized trip to Australia in November 1986 that the Monarch wrote a message following restoration work on the Queen Victoria Building. This letter is thus framed in a showcase within the building.

Only one instruction is to be respected

Instructions are thus written on the top: “The strict instruction is not to open it before 2085”. According to the Daily Mail, “The letter is addressed to the ‘Right and Honorable Lord Mayor of Sydney’, who will have to ‘choose a suitable day for the year 2085. “Please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message for them”, wrote Elizabeth II. Nobody knows what this letter contains. But on this date, will Australia still be part of the Commonwealth? Indeed, the country is about to leave the Kingdom. governor of Oceania, the independence of his country is important: “My point of view on this subject, of course, is well known, and well documented, but it is the moment for us to pay tribute to the life of the Queen Elizabeth, a life well lived (…). Today we commemorate the proclamation of King Charles III as Head of State of Australia. This is the system of government that we have. It’s a system that as Australian Prime Minister I have a responsibility to respect.”

Will Australia still be in the Commonwealth?

Australia is not the only country to want to leave the Commonwealth. Indeed, Jamaica is part of this list. Already in 2012, having barely become Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, had announced that she wanted to “cut the cord with the British crown”. During his official trip to Jamaica, Prince William had also been confronted with numerous demonstrations on this subject. Yet the Crown is still not ready to grant this independence. Especially since Charles III clearly explained that he would follow the commitments made by his mother: “I solemnly undertake during the time that remains to me to serve the constitutional principles of our nation. I will continue to serve you with loyalty, respect and love. , as I have done throughout my life. My life will of course change. I will no longer be able to spend so much energy on the charities that are so dear to me”. But maybe with the arrival of a new King, things will change for the Commonwealth countries.

Death of Elizabeth II: this intriguing message from the Queen which should be opened in 2085

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