This Thursday, September 8, 2022, Londoners gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to the deceased queen
Present in front of the Palace, they witnessed a particular event
A sign of fate for some…

As if to say goodbye to them. This Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II is gone. Deceased at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Prince Charles’ mother died surrounded by her loved ones. If his body is still at the place of his death, Londoners have witnessed a very symbolic meteorological phenomenon. While there were hundreds of people massing in front of Buckingham Palace, passers-by could witness a double rainbow.

Rainbow at Buckingham Palace.

— Andy Lines (@andylines) September 8, 2022

For some, this sign of fate is a message from Queen Elizabeth II: “A final farewell to her people from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II – a double rainbow over Buckingham Palace and a single over the Windsor Castle. I like to think that the little rainbow above Buckingham was that of Prince Philip, who was waiting for him”, “The double rainbow above Buckingham Palace is a Incredible tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Her stoicism during a turbulent century is inspiring. May she rest in peace. Condolences to all who love her,” people wrote on Twitter.

Prince Charles soon to return to London

As soon as the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced, thousands of Britons flocked to Buckingham Palace. They sang God save the Queen many times. Flowers were laid in front of the palace to honor the Queen’s memory. Today, Prince Charles is expected to leave Balmoral for London. In nine days, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be organized. In the meantime, Londoners will be thousands to go every day to commemorate the death of their Queen.

Death of Elizabeth II: this incredible sign of fate a few hours before her death

Queen Elizabeth II © Photoshoot

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