Queen Elizabeth II of England has died aged 96.
Elizabeth II of England died in Balmoral Castle, Scotland.
Queen Elizabeth II of England leaves her throne behind though.

Queen Elizabeth II of England died in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, on September 8, 2022. It is one of the properties personally owned by the sovereign herself, who died at 96. The reign of Elizabeth II broke records. Indeed, the mother of Prince Charles was the only queen to have remained on the British throne for 70 years. After her 70 years of extraordinary reign, Queen Elizabeth II of England leaves a colossal fortune behind her. Now King Charles III of England, Elizabeth II’s eldest son inherits much more than the throne when he dies.

The personal fortune of Queen Elizabeth II of England was estimated at 370 million pounds by the Sunday Times a few months ago. On the other hand, the assets belonging to the British Crown are estimated at 28 billion euros according to Forbes magazine. These different properties, Queen Elizabeth II of England did not hold them personally. Like her, the new sovereign will also enjoy these goods. These include, for example, properties such as Buckingham Palace, the thousands of jewels and works of art or the Crown Jewels. Her 370 million pounds make Queen Elizabeth the richest person in the British royal family.

Death of Elizabeth II: Prince Charles will not inherit everything

Queen Elizabeth II of England is far from being the wealthiest of sovereigns even if her personal fortune is very diversified. Moreover, Prince Charles will not be the only member of the royal family to inherit the personal fortune of Elizabeth II. No one yet knows how properties such as Balmoral and Sandringham castles will really be distributed. Apart from her castles, Elizabeth II of England also had farmland, a stamp collection, jewelry as well as a stable of horses worth millions. Only his will makes it possible to know the distribution of residences, bank accounts and all the property of Queen Elizabeth II.

Death of Elizabeth II: residences, bank accounts… what will happen to her inheritance?

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