This Thursday, September 8, 2022 Queen Elizabeth II died
If his body rests in Scotland, his remains will have to be transferred to London to follow a rigorous protocol
As for Prince Charles, he will be proclaimed King of England

Elizabeth II breathed her last. This Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Queen of England died, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, surrounded by her loved ones. Indeed, during the day, Prince Charles or even Prince William visited the Monarch, whose state of health had suddenly deteriorated. It was in the afternoon that the news of his death fell. The London Bridge (his nickname to announce his death) has disappeared. According to a well-detailed protocol, it was his private secretary who announced the death of the Queen to the new Prime Minister. Members of the Commonwealth are also notified as well as ministers and senior officials.

Ten minutes after the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth, the flags are lowered in the United Kingdom. This Friday, September 9, the body of the Monarch is supposed to be repatriated. According to the protocol, his body must be exposed in his smallest palace, in Edinburgh before being transported to the cathedral Saint-Gilles for a mass. The remains of Queen Elizabeth II will then be transferred by royal train to London. Next Tuesday the coffin is to be transferred from Buckingham to Westminster. For three days, the population will be able to go to meditate on the body of the Queen.

Prince Charles proclaimed king

Regarding his funeral, they must be organized ten days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Big Ben will ring at 9 a.m. and thus launch the procession. The Monarch’s body will leave the Palace of Westminster to join the Abbey. At 12 p.m., two minutes of silence will be held to pay tribute to him. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. This Friday, September 9, the day after the death of his mother, Prince Charles will be proclaimed king. Indeed, at 11 a.m., an accession council will meet. Prince William will also become first in the line of succession and thus inherit the title of Prince of Wales.

Death of Elizabeth II: funeral, coronation… The big dates awaiting the royal family

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