Prince Harry was interviewed by CBS while promoting his book
The Duke of Sussex has returned to the death of his mother, Lady Diana
He says he asked for photos of the accident when she died

It is a date that he will unfortunately remember forever. On August 31, 1997, Prince Harry tragically lost his mother, Lady Diana, in a road accident in Paris. For our colleagues from CBS, the Duke of Sussex returned to this terrible tragedy during the promotion of his autobiography, The Substitute. And it is in all honesty that Meghan Markle’s husband admits to having asked for photos of his mother’s accident, “to have proof” that she was indeed dead. “Proof that she had been in the car, that she had been injured, that the paparazzi who had chased her down the tunnel were the ones still taking pictures as she died, in the back of the vehicle” .

The journalist who conducts the interview specifies that Prince Harry had only been able to see a selection of photos. Indeed, his private secretary had advised him not to see other pictures. “All I saw was the back of mum’s head, slumped in the back seat,” Prince Harry revealed. Photos that will haunt him all his life. During a second interview this time, for the ITV1 channel, Prince Harry also evokes the death of his mother. He says there are “still a lot of things unexplained” about Lady Diana’s death. So 12 years old at the time of the tragedy, the Duke of Sussex confides that he did not “understand his death” when his mother left.

Prince Harry talks about his mother’s funeral

After the body was repatriated to the UK, Prince Harry was forced to walk behind his mother’s coffin. “There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers for our mother, and we were shaking hands with a smile. We didn’t understand why the hands were wet, but it was from the tears people were wiping away. Everyone felt like they knew our mother, and the two people closest to her, the two people she loved the most, couldn’t show their emotions at that time.”

Death of Diana: these nightmarish photos that haunted Prince Harry

Prince Harry © JLPPA

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