Death of Daisy Coleman: Princess Madeleine of Sweden pays her a moving tribute

A sad fate for Daisy Coleman. On August 4, the 23-year-old young woman committed suicide as her mother reported to TMZ, while for several years, the young woman had been fighting with rape victims with her association SafeBAE. It was in 2016 that Netflix subscribers discovered the face of Daisy Coleman, who in the documentary Audrie & Daisy, testified to the rape of which she had been the victim at the age of 14.

A disappearance which, if it moved many people around the world, also touched Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who paid a vibrant tribute to Daisy Coleman on Instagram. “Today we have lost one of our brightest stars. We are honored to have known Daisy Coleman and to testify to her strength and courage in action as the founder of SafeBAE. Let’s put it together end to assaults and sexual abuse against children, “she wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of the young woman.

Daisy never got over what those boys did to her

A not insignificant tribute from Madeleine from Sweden, who for several years has been involved with the World Childhood Foundation, a financial partner of Daisy Coleman’s organization, which aims to help prevent sexual assault in schools. It was in 2017 that the young woman created SafeBAE, after having told in the documentary broadcast on Netflix how she had been harassed, as well as her family, after filing a complaint against her alleged attacker. “I really feel like people have a certain opinion and perception of me because they haven’t been educated. This is exactly the reason why I try to raise awareness of what is happening. happening in our society, “she told People at the time.

It was after a night out in Missouri that Daisy Coleman reported being raped by Matthew Barnett, grandson of a former Republican Party representative. A crime that had been filmed, and for which the alleged assailant was sentenced to four months in prison finally transformed into two years of probation and 1,800 dollars in damages for the young woman. After a first suicide attempt at the age of 16, Daisy Coleman was 23 years old “never recovered from what these boys did to her, and it is not fair”, lamented her mother.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden at the Childhood Prize Ceremony of the World Chil © Dana Press

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