Death of Daisy Coleman at 23: why did she testify in a Netflix documentary?

Spokeswoman for victims of sexual assault, Daisy Coleman took her own life Tuesday, August 4, 2020. It was her mother, Melinda, who broke the news on social media, revealing: “She was my best friend and an incredible girl (…) I would have liked to be able to take her pain away. ” In an official press release, the SafeBAE association, of which she was one of the co-founder, for its part shared: “As all our supporters know, Daisy fought for many years in order to recover from her attacks. and prevent further sexual violence against teenage girls … She had many demons that she overcame and faced, but as many of you know, healing is not a straight path or easy. She fought longer and harder than we’ll ever know. ”

When she revealed to have been raped by a boy in her hometown of Missouri, at the age of 14, Daisy Coleman became involved with victims of sexual assault. She had notably told her story in 2016 in the Netflix documentary, Audrie and Daisy. The latter then followed the young woman and members of her family, as she tried to recover from her trauma. While her alleged assailant pleaded guilty to child hijacking and was sentenced to two months probation in 2014, Daisy Coleman had been the victim of online harassment and had then made several suicide attempts.

Daisy Coleman had undergone therapy which had helped her immensely

On May 2, 2019, it was through an Instagram post that Daisy Coleman revealed that she had regained her self-confidence. She revealed: “It’s been 20 sessions. 20 EMDR sessions, 20 working sessions to love myself again, 20 sessions to remember my worst traumas, 20 sessions to find myself. I learned to smile ( and crying), I learned to trust, but most of all, I learned that I deserve to be happy. I really can’t wait to share this trip with all of you who helped me when I had it. most needed. ” The young woman confided to her some 48,000 subscribers: “I adore you, because you have always had faith in who I am and in who I am supposed to be. I would not be on this road of recovery if it were not for each of you who have helped me along the way with your words of encouragement and your donations. Long live the healing! ”

Death of Daisy Coleman at 23: why did she testify in a Netflix documentary? © Instagram

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