Actress Charlotte Valandrey died on July 13, 2022 at the age of 53 at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. She died following the heart transplant she received shortly before, the third she underwent after being diagnosed with HIV at 18. Her death touched thousands of people who had been able to discover her in Rouge Baiser or find her in Les Cordier, judge and cop or even more recently in Tomorrow belongs to us. But the actress was also an author and had recently released a book entitled Charlotte Valandrey, Reconciling with oneself. On the occasion of this release, several signing sessions were organized to allow him to meet his readers.

It is in particular for a signing session in particular that Charlotte Valandrey had posted a last video on her Instagram account. In the video, she addresses her fans to give them an appointment in Paris, at Quinze bis de Gibert in the second arrondissement. Posted on April 13, the video shows Charlotte Valandrey happy to share her latest news with her subscribers and eager to meet her fans. Always accessible and close to the public, the actress has benefited from enormous sympathy throughout her life and this is one of the reasons why there are so many expressions of affection under the video.

Thousands of grieving fans

Many fans wanted to express their sadness after the death of Charlotte Valandrey by leaving messages filled with as much sadness as affection. Some simply left an emoji with sad or even crying faces while others were a bit more expressive. We can thus read messages like “We are so sad… We will miss you. Kisses to all your family, we will think of you as long as we live so that you are still among us” or “You were an example of courage. Condolences to the whole family. Charlotte you will shine in the sky, you will be the most beautiful star”. So many testimonies that prove how much the actress, while being sick most of her life, had touched her audience, who intends to keep her alive as much as they can.

Death of Charlotte Valandrey: this last moving video shared on Instagram

Charlotte Valandrey © PATRICK BERNARD


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