Charlbi Dean, the 32-year-old South African-born actress and model, died on August 29, 2022 in a New York hospital. No clear information is communicated about the disease which caused the death of Charlbi Dean. The Daily Mail reports that the actress died on Monday, August 29, in a New York hospital from “sudden and unexpected illness.” The loss of the actress was a shock for her fans, but especially for her family and her fiancé Luke Volker, the 26-year-old model.

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In his last post on Instagram, we feel that Luke Volker is still in shock and that he is still emotionally affected. The fiancé of Charlbi Dean wanted to send some thanks to his fans and those of his late fiancée whom he had been dating for 4 years. The Daily Mail recalls that the couple announced their engagement from New York on April 8 via the actress’ Instagram account. “Her death came weeks before the release of the Oscar-winning satirical comedy Triangle of Sorrow, which was set to make her a star,” the Daily Mail added.

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Luke Volker: He wanted to share a photo of Charlbi Dean, but couldn’t

After the brutal death of his fiancée, Luke Volker receives many messages of encouragement and condolences. As he explains in the video he shared on social media on September 1, 2022, he wanted to “just post a picture of Charlbi, but it’s a bit difficult”. With grief on his face, Luke Volker added “I just wanted you to know that I see all your messages, all the love, and that I appreciate it. I really thank you”, before finishing “It’s just that I can’t really answer it right now. But thanks, guys. Thank you for that. I love you.”

Death of Charlbi Dean: the actress' fiancé breaks the silence in a poignant video

Death at 32 of actress Charlbi Dean © OLIVIER BORDE

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