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Death of Chadwick Boseman: why his wife appealed to justice

It was a decision that certainly created a surprise, and yet it is justified. This Friday, October 16, Page Six of the American tabloid The New York Post revealed that the widow of Chadwick Boseman appealed to justice this Thursday, October 15 by filing a request for probate in a court in Los Angeles. The reason ? The Black Panther star died of colon cancer without a will. Thus, Taylor Simone Ledward asks a judge to appoint her as administrator of the actor’s estate, with limited authority, indicating the estimated value of the deceased’s fortune at $ 938,500 (or 801,103 euros).

If, after the shock, his disappearance plunged his many fans across the world in mourning, Chadwick Boseman went away leaving behind his wife and parents but no children. In the legal documents cited by Page Six, Taylor Simone Ledward was therefore content to write the names of the parents of the actor, his only family, Leroy and Carolyn Boseman. According to the American news site TMZ, the main concerned could inherit the fortune of Chadwick Boesman since, in the event that an individual without children dies before being able to make a will, the law stipulates that the surviving spouse automatically inherits the all assets of the probate estate.

Secretly married

Five years of discreet and strong love united Chadwick Boseman to Taylor Simone Ledward, a former student of California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. Engaged in 2019, the lovebirds were married in the greatest secrecy during the year 2020 while the star of the Blues of Ma Rainey struggled just as discreetly against stage 4 colon cancer (stage 3, at first ) who had been diagnosed with him in 2016. Chadwick Boseman died at his home, his beautiful at his bedside.

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