Death of Caroline Flack: the chilling accusations of her mother

Six months after her death, Caroline Flack’s relatives are struggling to mourn. This Monday, August 24, the British tabloid The Daily Mail reveals that the host’s mother – found dead hanged at her home in February 2020 – made chilling accusations against Lewis Burton, the ex-companion of the deceased. “This relationship ended her life,” said Christine Flack in an Instagram post of the deceased in August 2019 in which the ex-lovebirds pose on a bath towel. According to our colleagues from across the Channel, this accusation was relayed on the Web “five months ago”, a few short weeks after the death of the presenter of Love Island.

“I so want this deleted,” added Christine Flack. His comments did not end there. According to The Daily Mail, “three weeks ago” this time Caroline Flack’s mother commented on another post, still on her daughter’s Instagram account and dating from November 2019. In the latter, Lewis Burton and Caroline Flack pose together once again, looking at the camera with a knowing air. “He is now in the same pose [with] a different girl,” we read. Here Christine Flack is referring to Lewis Burton’s alleged new romance. Recently, the tennis player was spotted with Lottie Tomlinson in Ibiza. A name far from unknown since it is the sister of singer Louis Tomlinson.

A tumultuous love

These are not the only accusations Christine Flack has made. During Caroline Flack’s suicide investigation, her mother claimed that a snapshot sent by Lewis Burton “to a friend” had “killed her.” A photograph showing the bloody scene of the crime, also relayed in the press. Before Caroline Flack decides to end his life, the athlete had to face him in court on March 4, 2020 since she was accused of assaulting him. If they no longer had the right to see each other, in view of the trial which was to oppose them, Caroline Flack and Lewis Burton had kept close ties, the latter thus paying him a poignant tribute after learning of his death.

Lewis Burton in the crosshairs © Instagram Capture

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