Long in the shadow of his famous grandfather, but also in those of his mother Lisa-Marie Presley and his actress sister, Riley Keough, Benjamin Keough made the headlines in July 2020 after ending his days at the age of 27. An immeasurable injury for his family but also for his partner, Diana Pinto, present when the grandson of Elvis Presley committed suicide. But after the suffering, the hour of the last farewell has come. Thus, as revealed by the British tabloid The Daily Mail, the deceased was buried more than three months after the facts, namely, this Thursday, October 1. And this, after a funeral service organized in Malibu at the end of July.

Benjamin Keough rests in a highly symbolic place since, as confirmed by the Graceland Facebook page, he was “buried in the Meditation Garden at Graceland”, a residence that belonged to the King located in Memphis, Tennessee. Lisa-Marie Presley’s son was buried very close to his family, “his great-grandmother Gladys, his great-grandfather Vernon”, but also and above all alongside this grandfather whom he did not has ever known, Elvis Presley. According to The Daily Memphian, it was the first funeral in 40 years since that of the famous rocker’s grandmother in 1980.

Lisa-Marie Presley devastated

This final tribute over, the Keough-Presley family can begin a process of mourning. Something already done for Lisa-Marie Presley, devastated by the disappearance of her son. “She is completely broken, inconsolable and more than devastated but tries to stay strong for her 11-year-old twins and her eldest daughter Riley”, testified her manager. Mother lioness, fusional with her children, Lisa-Marie Presley has decided to heal her wounds in a radical way. She now refuses to return to her home in Calabasas, where Benjamin Keough committed suicide. Radical decision taken to ease his pain … but also as a precaution. “They were already grappling with the mold problem and now Lisa doesn’t want to come back,” a singer close to the Sun told the Sun, “she is too distressed and never wants to live again this morning.”

A highly symbolic place © Backgrid UK

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