Death of Benjamin Keough: Elvis Presley’s grandson had already attempted suicide

It’s a broken fate. At 27, Benjamin Keough, the grandson of Elvis Presley, committed suicide with a gun at a party at his mother’s home. According to the autopsy report revealed by The Sun, Elvis Presley’s grandson had “a history of depression and he was known to abuse alcohol and use illicit drugs like cocaine.”

Her last three-week drug rehab was four or five months ago. Benjamin Keough had already tried to cure himself three times before, without success. The report of the American authorities finally reveals that the young man “had tried to commit suicide a few months before his death. He suffered from a major depression and had remained prostrate in his room for long periods”.

Benjamin Keough suffered from major depression

According to a relative who spoke to The Sun, Benjamin Keough felt “lost in life” and was struggling “in the shadow of his grandfather”. “He was depressed, he didn’t really have an education, a job or a passion. It’s heartbreaking. Ben was a force, an incredible child,” he continues.

Benjamin Keough was Lisa Marie Presley’s second child. He had remained discreet in the media and had little presence on social networks. Also a musician, the young man had landed a contract with a record company worth $ 5 million. Upon her death, Lisa Marie Presley said she was “inconsolable and devastated”. According to her spokesperson, “she adored her son. He was the love of her life.” The King’s daughter has also decided never to set foot again in her house, where her son is. is given death.

Benjamin Keough and Lisa Marie Presley © Instagram

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