Sophie Dewulf is in mourning. This young woman of Moroccan-Tunisian origin aged 42 has just lost her companion, the Belgian singer Arno, who died this Saturday April 23 at the age of 72 from pancreatic cancer. A devoted woman, she never failed to declare her love to her darling on social networks. But not everything was always rosy for Sophie Dewulf, especially on June 7, 2020.

That day, several thousand people gathered in Brussels to demonstrate against racism and police violence. In the afternoon, around 3 p.m., Sophie Dewulf swears to have been the victim of an abusive and muscular control, which took place near her home in the center of the Belgian capital.

Arno’s girlfriend said it happened as she took her dog out in her pajamas a few blocks from the protest. Suddenly, the police reportedly pointed out to him that his dog was not on a leash. Deciding then to turn around and go home, Sophie Dewulf was arrested by a police officer, who asked her for her papers. Not having them on her, the young woman would have found herself pinned to the wall and immobilized, as our Belgian colleagues from Sud Info had explained. Alerted by the situation, the singer Arno would have immediately gone there. “Sophie cried on the way back. I didn’t understand why because the police didn’t tell me anything,” he told Sud Info.

Sophie Dewulf: “I wonder here what could have happened if Arno had not arrived”

A few days later, on June 12, Sophie Dewulf decided to file a complaint for “police violence and racism”. “I wonder here what could have happened if Arno had not arrived. […] Physically, it does not matter what happened to me. Morally, yes, but not physically. But I want file a complaint. I want to file a complaint not only for myself, but also on behalf of those who are afraid or do not have the means to do so. What I find terrible today is that we should be reassured at the sight of a uniform and that we came to be afraid of it”, she had declared.

The day after this complaint was filed, the Brussels-Ixelles police considered that the intervention of the police against Sophie Dewulf was “correct” and that, in the absence of new elements brought to their acquaintance, she no longer wished to comment on the case.

Sophie Dewulf and Arno © Instagram

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