This is sad news that was announced this Saturday, November 5. Aaron Carter has died aged 34. The famous singer was found at his home in Lancaster, California. He had been in the limelight for several years and the child star was open about his health concerns. He suffered from addictions and was found drowned in his bathtub. New information concerning his death was revealed by TMZ this Monday, November 7. The media explains that police sources revealed that there were “several canisters of compressed air in Aaron Carter’s bathroom and bedroom”, but also “prescription drugs”. Clues which, according to the tabloid, are very important since they provide details on what happened to Aaron Carter. It is then clarified that he was last seen alive the day before, around 2 a.m. Police officers had come to check and were greeted by the governess. For his part, Aaron Carter had asked them to leave and he remained locked in his room all day Friday. It was only on Saturday morning that the main concerned found him in the bathtub, when she brought him coffee.

But what happened? When the housekeeper found Aaron Carter’s body, she immediately called for help. According to information from The Sun, she would have received very precise indications concerning the first aid measures. She reportedly started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) herself before firefighters arrived. Unfortunately, his attempt was not enough to resuscitate the singer. Upon their arrival, the forces of order made discoveries allowing them to obtain some answers. According to TMZ, they believe the body was left in the bathtub for a long time since there was a “smell of decomposition and the water had taken on an abnormal color”. For the time being, the circumstances of the disappearance of the singer have not been revealed. A homicide investigation has been opened to determine if it is an assassination, an accident or a suicide. Toxicological results have been requested and these could provide answers only in a few months. Quickly, it was Nick Carter, one of the members of the Backstreet Boys, who paid tribute to his brother on social networks. He notably indicated that his addictions had gotten the better of him. “We often look for a culprit when we lose someone, but the truth is that addictions and mental health issues are the real villain here,” he said.

Aaron Carter: what disturbing message was sent by the singer’s girlfriend?

The revelations concerning the death of Aaron Carter are linked. Only a few days with this terrible discovery, the singer had received an intriguing message from Mélanie, the mother of his son. During a live Instagram, Aaron Carter answered questions from his fans when one of them asked him if he was still close to her. As the singer began to respond to him, he paused, indicating that he had received a message from the principal concerned. “Oh she says to me, ‘Aaron, you’re going to die'”, he revealed before adding a “Wow” of amazement. Was it prescient? Did Mélanie have any doubts about Aaron Carter’s state of health? The singer had never hidden his addictions and he did not hesitate to talk about them very openly with his fans.

Death of Aaron Carter: these sordid details on the discovery of his body

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