Fans of the Quantum Code series are in mourning. Actor Dean Stockwell has died at the age of 85, “peacefully, in his sleep,” according to Deadline media reports. According to the TMZ site, the comedian would have died this Sunday, November 7 in his house and of natural causes. Famous for his role of Al Calavicci in Code Quantum, he had more than 70 years of career behind him. Born in 1936, it begins when he is just a child. Indeed, in 1945, he participated in the musical Escale à Hollywood alongside Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson and Frank Sinatra.

Spotted for his talent, he will play two years later in The Invisible Wall, a feature film that won a Golden Globe. In 1950 it is to Errol Flynn in Kim that he will give the reply. The roles will thus follow one another, like that in Le Génie du mal or Long voyage vers la nuit in 1962, which won him two prizes for male interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival. Dean Stockwell is also one of the only three actors to have twice obtained this award. Later, he will play in Paris Texas, Dune, Blue Velvet until 1988 when his interpretation in Veuve will earn him an Oscar nomination for best supporting role.

Dean Stockwell had suffered a stroke

But Dean Stockwell will also put his talent to good use on television, since he will appear in a number of series such as: The Fourth Dimension, Mission Impossible, The Streets of San Francisco, For the Love of Risk, The All Risks Agency, Arabesque … But his biggest role on TV will still be that of Albert Calavicci in Code Quantum. After the end of the series, Dean Stockwell will play a recurring role in Battlestar Galactica, between 2006 and 2009. In 2017, American media revealed that Dean Stockwell had suffered a stroke two years earlier. He leaves behind Joy Marchenko, his wife, as well as their two children, Austin, born in 1983, and Sophia, born in 1985.

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