Last October, Alec Baldwin declared that he had reached an agreement with the family of Halyna Hutchins. The chief operator from Ukraine had died of a bullet accidentally fired by the actor on the set of the western Rust in Santa Fe on October 21, 2021. A drama caused by a malfunction of the revolver which, according to the rules in force on a movie set, should have been loaded blank. While waiting for the resumption of production of the film, Alec Baldwin testified on Instagram his gratitude “to all those who contributed to the resolution of this tragic and painful affair”. The agreement reached with the family of the technician allowed the actor to put an end to the legal proceedings initiated in civil against him. “I have no desire to launch recriminations or to designate culprits (whether it is the producers or Mr. Baldwin), had then declared the companion of the chief operator in an official press release. We are all convinced that the death of ‘Halyna resulted from a terrible accident.’

The case does not stop there for Alec Baldwin, more than ever eager to “clear his name”, according to his lawyers. The dashing 64-year-old playboy has just found his culprits. Four in number, there is among them a certain Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer of the film whom the actor accuses of negligence. According to one of his lawyers, mentioned in Deadline, “this tragedy happened because live ammunition was delivered to the set and loaded into the weapon, which Gutierrez-Reed did not check the bullets or the weapon carefully, that Halls [the assistant director] did not check the weapon carefully and yet announced that the weapon was safe before handing it over to Baldwin, and that Zachry did not reveal that Gutierrez-Reed had acted recklessly off set and that she posed a safety risk to those around her.” Alec Baldwin will soon have to testify at the bar against scriptwriter Mamie Mitchell, who has sued him and assistant director David Halls. “Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette when he activated a weapon without having checked it and without the armourer having done so in his presence”, argued the lawyer for the plaintiff during a press conference in Los Angeles.

This happy news in the life of Alec Baldwin

If the future does not look bright for him, Alec Baldwin knows he can count on the support of his large family. Married for ten years with Hilaria Baldwin, the actor is proud to be the father of a tribe of six children, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo and Maria Lucia, in addition to a young adult of 27 years old born of his union with Kim Basinger in the 90s. The Baldwin family has grown even more at the start of the school year. On September 22, Hilaria Baldwin announced to her followers on Instagram: “She’s here! We are delighted to present to you our little dream come true, Ilaria Catalina Irena, 2.7 kg. We are both happy and healthy. Her siblings spend the day pampering her. Lots of love to you all.” A happy news in the life of Alec Baldwin turned upside down by the death of Halyna Hutchins, an accident which surprisingly did not stop his career in Hollywood. We should find the actor in the cinema next year in the disaster film 97 Minutes where he will play the director of the NSA (National Security Agency), in charge of shooting down a Boeing 767 out of fuel.

Deadly shooting of Alec Baldwin: the actor counterattacks and pursues four members of the film crew

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